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Holiday Crafts with YKRA KIDS: Cardboard Gingerbread Village

We continue last year’s DIY ideas! We have collected creative activities that you can do while spending some quality time together with your family and loved ones during the holiday season!
Cardboard Gingerbread Village 
At YKRA, we reuse the paper boxes in which the backpacks and accessories are stored, but sometimes their lifecycle just comes to an end. Instead of throwing it out to the recycling bin immediately, let’s make a gingerbread village! 


  • A used piece of cardboard
  • A thick white marker pen 
  • Pencil
  • Box cutter or knife
  • Ruler
  • Candles (in glass jar for safety*) or led lights 
1. If you have a used box, choose a piece which has a flap that can bend under. It will help your cardboard village to stand.If it doesn’t have a flap, cut a line with a box cutter and a ruler (do not cut through completely!), along which you can fold the cardboard.

2. With the pencil and the ruler draw the houses on the cardboard. Draw windows and doors that you can cut out easily, as the candle light will shine through these.

3. Redraw the lines with the white marker

4. Cut out the houses! Pro tip: Use a ruler to guide the box cutter

5. Set it up in your window, put some candles or led lights behind the village, and enjoy the view!

*Please note!!! Never leave the cardboard village unattended while the candles are lit as the cardboard is flammable!! To avoid fire hazard, we strongly recommend using led light instead, especially if there are children or pets in your household!

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