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In this birthday edition of YKRA FACES we meet our team members Franciska our Design Assistant and Armand our Webshop and Logistics Manager! Find out what they do, and what’s in their bags!


What’s your job at YKRA?

I’m lucky - I get to work in more than one area for the brand. I graduated in Fashion Accessories (Leather) from MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design), and I work as a design assistant at YKRA. I’m super happy that I get to work in my field! 

My job is to consult about the new products with Balázs (YKRA’s designer), of which I then make paper mock-ups for visual testing, I then create sewing patterns and then I also sew the prototypes for our bags and accessories. Once everything’s ready, the production starts! I work with Eszter (YKRA’s CEO) on our photoshoots - I help to organize the shoots, as well as the prop styling and sourcing. I also help Kati (YKRA’s Production Manager) with our manufacturing process.

Besides design and art, my other great loves are languages and travel. Following the family tradition I teach Italian and Spanish as a second job. Back when I was a student, I took part in the Erasmus exchange program, and lived in Barcelona and London. It was a great experience and I try to bring that metropolitan rhythm and vibe to work and my everyday life.

I enjoy eating good food with family and friends, playing board games (my boyfriend and I have a huge collection), going out with friends, and I go hiking and camping whenever I can.

What’s in your bag?

SCOUT - It’s my favorite YKRA backpack at the moment. Its size is super practical for everyday use and it’s also great for my city errands. The vibrant orange color always cheers me up!

Book - I always carry a book with me and read whenever I have some spare time. I like to read several books at once, even in different languages and genres. I’m the kind of person who underlines the sentences I like and I sometimes even write notes and draw alongside the text as well. I always get good book tips from my parents!

Polaroid Photos - I have loads at home! I love taking photos and it's especially nice that I can have my favorite memories with me. One is of my best friend and me hiking in the Tatras and the other is a photo with my boyfriend on holiday in Costa Brava, which was our first trip together. I use these photos as bookmarks.

Chocolate / Granola Bar - I’m celiac, so I always carry a snack with me in case I can't find something I’m ok with eating. Usually, it's a granola bar or a fruit. 

Headphones (Air Pods) - When I work alone I listen to music and podcasts. I danced for a long time so I like having music around me. But on my way home after work, or even once at home, there are times when a little silence feels good. 

Work tools - I usually carry my work tools with me in my backpack: two types of scissors - one for cutting fabric and another for paper, MUJI pens in all sorts of colors (they’re my favorites), a sketchbook, a box cutter, a stitching awl, a hole punch, a bone knife (for folding paper and leather edges), rulers, double-sided glue, pins, and a tape measure.



What are your tasks at YKRA?

I’m in charge of logistics, managing deliveries, keeping track of stock, and fulfilling webshop orders at YKRA. I really enjoy my job because it’s diverse and fast-paced.

How do you spend your day?

I start my day with a healthy breakfast and vitamins. Then I either go to work or the university. I’m in my 3rd year at BGE KKK (Budapest Business School - Faculty of International Management and Business) and I’ll be graduating this year. I like spending my free time with my love Réka, going BMX riding or just playing on my Xbox. I also like going out with friends once or twice a week.

What’s in your bag?

MacBook - I always have my MacBook on me in a beautiful YKRA laptop case. It’s essential for both my studies and work.

Sunglasses - I love sunshine so it’s always nice when I can put them on.

Airpods Pro - I keep them in a biodegradable case. In my day-to-day life, music is super important, whether it’s during transport, work, or BMX riding - I always listen to music. The case was a present from my girlfriend, and it’s great that I can protect the environment with it at the same time (I also have the same type of case on my phone). 

YKRA POUCH - I keep my chargers and other useful things in it. 

Spoke wrench & 6-inch Allen wrench - I use them for my bike, and they’re good for adjusting most parts. I got these tools from friends 8 years ago, and they've been holding up ever since.

Get to know the whole YKRA TEAM!

Photos by Botond Wertán 

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