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In the last round of our YKRA FACES special birthday edition, we’re talking to Bianka, our Copywriter, and Fanni, our Graphic Designer. Find out what they get up to at YKRA, and see what’s inside their bags! 


What’s your job at YKRA?

I work as a Copywriter for YKRA, which means I create or update the written content (aka copy) for the brand. This includes social media content (mainly Instagram Stories), newsletters, product and collection descriptions, press releases, interviews for YKRA FACES, and other website copy as well. I work closely together with Fanni to make sure everything is in sync. I really enjoy the collaborative creative process of bringing words and design together, and I always get a little excited before seeing the end result. 

I graduated in Art & Design Management Design from MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) and previously studied Communications & PR, so the intersection of fashion, design, and communications has always been something I’m interested in.

What does your day look like? 

I work as a freelancer, so all my days are different. In the mornings, I like to plan out my day next to a cup of tea, and this usually involves a lot of list-making and scheduling deadlines! I’ve been working from home for the past 3 years, so for me the “home-office” situation isn’t new. Still, I’m pretty social, so after a few days working remotely, it’s nice to go to the office too. I usually teach English in the mornings, after I work on my tasks at YKRA, and in the afternoons I work on copy and texts for my other clients. I have a full schedule, but if I can make it happen, you can find me going for walks in the afternoon or working outside on our balcony in the sunshine.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Since moving to Buda (after living on a pedestrian street in the 5th district for over 10 years) I’ve really embraced the peace and calm of the 2nd District. We live a stone’s throw from Hárshegy, and I feel happiest walking in the forest with my husband, discovering the small, hidden streets and cafés in the area, or going to art exhibitions. My main spot to relax and enjoy some dogspotting is by the Three Border Mountain (Hármashatár-hegy). I grew up in London, so I like to stay up to date reading UK news and I also keep an eye on the world of British interior design.

What’s in your bag?

Tote - I have a collection of tote bags, as I try to be environmentally conscious and use them for shopping. This particular YKRA tote is super durable, it was a present from the team for my birthday, and I love the size as my laptop fits in it too. 

Laptop - I carry my laptop with me for meetings or when I feel like working from a café.

Book - I like reading poems on public transport, especially on trams around Budapest. I got this collection of poems, Fox Wedding by Márton Simon from a good friend of mine who worked at his publisher, and he’s become one of my favorite Hungarian contemporary poets since. 

Hype & Hyper - At the moment, I’m working on the magazine’s 2nd print issue in English, so I always have a copy of the original print magazine on me for reference. It’s an important platform for Central and Eastern European design, art, and fashion - and I’m super happy to be a part of it. 

Muji Pens - I’ve shopped at Muji since my secondary school days, and these pens are from London so they always make me feel nostalgic. I love their simplicity and how they glide on paper.

Keys - It was a struggle, but this keychain is from Los Angeles. I almost missed my connecting flight to LA, so once I arrived I felt like I needed to buy something to celebrate! 

Binoculars - I got them at a small vintage stall in Budapest, I take them with me on walks and for lookout views.


What do you do at YKRA?

I work as a Graphic Designer at YKRA, and I produce the content for the brand’s social media platforms (Instagram Story templates) as well as designing newsletters and other visual elements, e.g. for collections, campaigns, and branding, such as stickers, hangtags, or packaging elements (like the Friends of Trees seed pouch). I work together with Bianka as most of the time our work is interdependent :)

My work is made up of a lot of different elements, and there’s always something new going on, whether we’re brainstorming together on the visual content, and how to make it even richer and more user-friendly, or on new products, etc. It's great to work with such a kind, friendly team and when we’re together it always gets my creative energy flowing - it’s also nice to get positive feedback from everyone on the spot.

How do you spend your day?

I usually get up at around 7-8am, start my day with a black tea, and then it’s time for work. I'm most creative when we're in the office together - it always gives me an extra boost. As I joined the team in the middle of Covid, I'm looking forward to spending time co-working in the new office together. 

Besides work, I spend my time at uni. I’m in my final year at MOME, and I’ll be graduating in Graphic Design (MA). Working at YKRA gives me really practical, sound knowledge besides my studies. I mainly work in the mornings, and I try to work ahead of time as much as possible.

Most of my free time is taken up by preparing for university classes, but whenever I have any free time, I like to spend my evenings with friends, it’s important to wind down and enjoy my young years! I'm also very interested in creating in the field of textile (e.g. carpets, shoes), but I’d be happy to stay on at YKRA full-time after my university studies.

What’s in your bag?

Notebook - This notebook is my favorite, and it’s the first place I sketch and jot down my ideas. It’s called Happy Book, a product of Stefan Sagmeister, an acclaimed Austrian graphic designer. It’s pages are filled with everything from doodles and designs, to my ideas for YKRA. Sometimes I even use it as my diary. I love it’s thick, high quality paper as well. 

Clipper Lighter - This refillable lighter is made from metal and I think of it as a design object - you can't get it in the shops. I like to keep it with me, it always comes in useful. 

Markers - I bought these pastel markers in a set, and I really like the pastel shades. I always need to have a good marker in my pocket, so I can sketch down my ideas whenever they spring to my mind.

Poket - I love the Poket initiative, and these books are the perfect size for carrying around town. I’ve always liked getting lost in a good book while commuting or travelling.

24 Bottle - You can never drink enough, so I always have a bottle of water on me. I like staying hydrated, and it’s always easier to drink more from a design product. This 24 Bottle is practical and fits in my bag. 

Get to know the whole YKRA TEAM!

Photos by Botond Wertán 


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