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Featured in Tiny Adventures - The Fantastic East

After conquering the North, our friends, Gretas Schwester and Gretas Freunde decided it’s time to head on new adventures. Their brand new bookazine, Tiny Adventures - The Fantastic East⁠ is an exciting collection of hidden treasures of the eastern hemisphere that are waiting to be discovered.⁠

The Fantastic East is an inspiration for those families who love immersing themselves in new cultures and experiences! We’re happy to be a part of this collection!

Sturdy boots are essential for exploring the eastern hemisphere. Around the many exciting cities like Kiev, Tbilisi, Istanbul, Prague, Moscow or Budapest, the wilderness is waiting to be conquered. Anyone who says that this kind of exploration is splendid but not for children is mistaken. From Slovenia to Israel the love of children is legendary. Staying overnight is no problem due to a lack of mass tourism, and secluded slopes are a recreational pastime for big and small alike. The East is one big playground where, in case of hunger, delicious Polish piroggi, Anatolian sweets or the mouthwatering yeast cake Babka is served. The East is a treasure chest so full of riches in terms of travel, that we, like so many of our contributors, wonder how this fantastic spot of the world be so undiscovered? Well, good for all who visit it now. Because nowhere else in the world can you travel in a way as unspoiled, friendly and exciting as on the Trans-Siberian Railway, in a camper through Japan or on foot through Nepal. Have fun being amazed!

The Team behind Tiny Adventures:

Sarah, Tine and Serena - all three travel crazy and deeply in love with print projects. They have sailed the seven seas in order to collect #tinyadventures and wanderlust filled stories ranging from north to south. 

Their journey began as a duo (Illustration-Sailor Sarah & Editor-Pirate Tine) with a dream, a blog and our favourite children’s book “Gretas Schwester”. Then they crossed paths with Layout-Smutje Serena and created their second travel book “Tiny Adventures”. Now that the crew is complete, they’ve decided to venture into the territory of bookazines! If you like the East, why not check out the wild North!

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