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In this month's edition of YKRA Faces, we met up with YKRA’s long-time attorney-at-law, Omár Salha. Helping with all legal aspects of the brand, we asked Omár about how he spends his days, both in Budapest, and tucked away in nature at his holiday home by the Danube Bend. Read on for more!

Hi Omár, tell us a little about your job, what do you do? 

I’m an attorney-at-law, and YKRA is among my clients! Balázs, YKRA’s founder, is an old friend of mine, and we were friends before he became my client, so that’s how backpacks came into my life. Besides YKRA, I also have other clients from the creative industry, but the majority of my work revolves around civil cases like real estate and investments. I work as a sole practitioner, but I share an office and secretary with 9 other attorneys.


What does your average day look like? 

My day starts with having breakfast with my wife and six-year-old daughter, and I’m the one that takes her to nursery school after, which is on the opposite side of the river. After dropping her off, I usually work from home during the morning, and in the afternoon I’ll go into the office. In between the two, I like to go swimming or do some type of sports, and then I’ll spend the evenings with my family at home.



How do you spend your free time? 

We have a small house in Nagymaros, near the Danube Bend, so I like to spend as much time as I can there, basically whenever I don’t need to be in Budapest I’m there. We also hike a lot, particularly when we’re in Nagymaros and the sun’s out. My wife and daughter also have their own YKRA bags, and we take them with us on our canoe trips too. I also enjoy sports, but as I’m a bit too old for football now, I’ve started to practice individual sports like running, swimming and climbing. My goal is to spend as much time as possible each day having fun! I like riding my bike to work, but riding my skateboard is the best.


Do you let your daughter ride your skateboard? 

When we come home together, my daughter rides her scooter, while I ride my skateboard, so we both do our own thing. We go along the Pest side of the river Danube, cross the bridge to the Buda side, and then ride together until we get home. I like to play games and stay as playful as possible. 



Tell us about your bag…

Wherever I go, I always have my backpack with me. It’s good for sports, I take it with me when I go swimming or bouldering, but I also use it for more formal events to carry my laptop in, it’s even been with me to court and the mayor's office.



What’s inside your bag? 

Fruit - It’s important to always have food with me when I go to the office, and as I don’t like ordering food, I either take fruit with me or something pre-made at home in a box, so I can avoid generating waste.

Camera - When I go to the office, I always ride my bike or my skateboard along the Danube bank, and sometimes the lights are really nice, so I like to take photos. My camera is a pretty old one, but it was old even when I bought it.

Climbing Shoes - If I have time during the day, I like to be active, and I usually go for a run, swim, or climb in the nearby shopping mall, so I like to keep my climbing shoes with me.

Copper Cup - It’s a cup I bought at the local market in Nagymaros, and it’s supposed to be beneficial for your health as a small amount of copper dissolves into the water while you drink from it. Even if it’s not true, it’s still harder for viruses and bacteria to stay alive on a copper surface, so it’s a safer drinking option.

Book - I like to read in my free time and right now, I’m reading “Buda”, a posthumously published book by Géza Ottlik. 

Tea Set - This tea set was made by “Kezemura”, a famous Hungarian handcraft brand. The artist behind the brand, Gábor, is also a good friend of mine. I bought this piece from him, although it’s unique as I partially designed it. I came up with this shape, as I needed a stable teapot where the water could trickle down. I drink a lot, so it’s a bit worn and I broke off a small piece by accident.

Notebook - I always have this little notebook on me, it’s mainly filled with my to-do lists.

Electronic signature
- This little thing might look like a pendrive, but it’s actually my Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device. I try to work remotely as much as I can, so this is an important tool which lets me sign documents digitally, even if I’m in Nagymaros. 

Laptop - My laptop is for work, but I also read the news on it.

Kindle - I keep my Kindle for professional or educational content, as it’s a lot easier than carrying around heavy, thick law books—you’d need a truck for that!


Photos by Botond Wertán

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