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In the summer edition of our YKRA Faces series, get to know painter & film director Márton Vécsei. Find out more about his work, hobbies and gain a glimpse behind the scenes of a director’s life. Take a look at what he keeps in his backpack—a „collector’s piece” from the very first YKRA series!

Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do? 

I graduated in Fine Art from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and I was in Dóra Maurer's class. From there I went on to study as a Film Director at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, and now I direct films.

I didn't want to go straight into filmmaking, as I wanted to gain perspective in other creative fields too (and I was good at drawing), and as Dóra also works with film, I thought it would be a good match for me to go to art school first.

Ever since, I've been making documentaries, fiction films, and commercials (it's what I do for a living) but really, I enjoy them all, and all aspects of the creative process. I also do commercials where I'm also both the cameraman and editor, and work as a one-man-show! It's a different kind of thing, but I love it.


What does your daily routine look like? 

I’m usually up early, at 6:30. I take my son Jancsi and daughter Manci to kindergarten. Sometimes my youngest son Dezső also comes with us, and we ride our bikes along the creek, it’s a really nice path to go along each morning.

I work at home, and most of my time revolves around the post-production of my commercials, editing etc. as well as meetings, and when I have time I also work on my feature film plan, which will be about conman (based on one of my short films which was commissioned by the Hungarian National Police).


Where’s your bag from? 

I've known Balázs for a long time, we go years back, and I was there when he set up his workshop in the basement of Telep Bar. It’s in downtown Budapest, and where his first bags were made. Actually, I practically have a "collector's item" from the very first series, a blue backpack which now my wife Juli likes to use.

I didn't use to carry a bag, instead I just filled my pockets full instead, but it's become a part of my life since. We’ve been going backpacking, canoeing and kayaking with my friends for over 25 years now, and thanks to our age group we all have memories of the days of socialism. The bags of YKRA take us back to the times we spent in nature, and of course, the times when we were young!

Lastly, what's in your bag?

Notebook: It's where I write down my film ideas and notes.

Ping pong paddle: I used to be a ping pong competitor & I still play several times a week - when my friends let me!

Book: I always like having a book with me, and I'm reading The Frontier Garrison by Jenő Rejtő at the moment.

Headband: For Jancsi, to keep his long hair out of his eyes.

Dice: It's great for deciding who won at any given moment and where to go next...

iPad: So I can work fast when I need to.

Camera: Because I enjoy taking lots of photos!

Snail shell: It’s a standard piece of our creekside life, we collect them when it rains and have a Snail race for the kids, it was also my symbol in kindergarten.

Photos by Sára Petrák

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