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This month meet the power duo Lívia Séra and Stephy Boateng, a.k.a the girls bringing back the 80s skating vibes to Budapest and beyond. From teaching, workshops, organizing skate jams, and pioneering skate culture by making it accessible to everyone, these girls mean business. We had the pleasure to find out more about Livi and Stephy, and what they keep in their YKRA gear! 

Hi Girls, we can’t wait to get to know you both better — tell us about yourselves, your plans, and the path to Skate Jam Budapest.

We’re the founders of Skate Jam Budapest and BP ROLLER DISCO. Our mission is to introduce and integrate the skate lifestyle, culture, dancing and partying in Hungary. We run roller skating and rollerblade classes, organize skating events and workshops, and we also have a show performance team.

LIVI: I was first introduced to roller skating during the pandemic, back in 2021 when I saw the iconic video of a girl in Berlin dancing with brutally good vibes on roller skates with incredible ease. She made an impact and a lot of people started skating after her video, including me — as soon as I saw her, I wanted to learn immediately. 

Before getting into the world of skating, dancing was my passion, and I was focused on developing my body awareness and experiencing a community of like-minded people through it, but this was completely destroyed by the pandemic. Skating couldn't have arrived at a better time in my life, and it was through it that I got to meet Stephany three years ago, and my new lifestyle began. 

It was not long before we found our common goal with Stepy, as we felt that improving our skating skills wasn’t enough, we wanted to pass on this vibrant, fun, childlike joy and connection to others as well. We wanted to build a community where people can have fun, meet again after being isolated, and where friendships can form from the experience of skating, music and dance. 

Besides skating, I also work in HR, so my days and nights are busy as I’ve been juggling the two and learning to prioritize my tasks as we grow our business. It’s definitely a balancing act.

STEPHY: My path to roller skating also leads back to the pandemic. Until I was about 20, I was convinced that I was going to be a professional pianist. I studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, but something clicked that maybe I wasn't just meant to be in the classical music scene, I also had a baby, and then quarantine kicked in. During that period skating became very popular on Instagram and it completely took over my Insta feed, I ordered a pair and fell in love. Since then, although I graduated from the Academy of Music with a master's degree, I've completely given up on being a competitive pianist, but I don’t see it as something negative or as a sacrifice.

How did the two of you first collaborate on a project?

STEPHY: We decided to organize a "Universal Skatefest", a free skate picnic in City Park in Budapest on Sunday afternoons, anyone can join, from beginners to advanced roller skaters. You can come and skate with us, or just simply watch from the sidelines. These events gave us space to get creative, as well as bring together the skate community in Budapest which has been growing ever since. There’s music, skating, dancing and fun. We also started a joint business, bringing back Budapest Roller Disco to Budapest for the first time in Hungary since the 1980s, teaching children and adults and taking part in roller skate dance shows.

Tell us a little bit more about your show teams.

STEPHY: We've got a team of five girls and we perform skate shows together. For example, we performed at the Well Hello concert at Puskás Arena, and we were also part of a big show at the opening of a new energy drink factory opening. Show performances are great for entertaining, showcasing our talent, and spreading the feel-good vibes of skating.

What does your daily routine look like?

LIVI: Each day is different thanks to my double lifestyle, but one thing never changes: I start my day with a good coffee and a snuggle with my dog. Otherwise, my mornings usually consist of bureaucratic tasks related to our business, emails, being active on social media, preparing for shoots, and getting ready for classes. In the afternoons you can find me practising and teaching. This takes up half my week, and in the other half, I’m in the office as I work in HR. It’s this job and my employers that have given me the opportunity and freedom to skate, and for that I’m grateful.

STEPHY: My mornings are also spent with administrative work, meetings, managing our social media platforms, and with the groundwork needed for the cultural integration of skaters in Hungary. As it's just the two of us with Livi, there’s a lot on our plate. I like to work from cafés when I can, I find it easier to concentrate when I’m not at home. In the afternoons I usually hold skate classes, but when I’m free I like to chill in the city, meet up with my friends. Lately, we've also been thinking about organizing — spoiler alert — a pool-side, bikini clad, skate dance party!

Let's see Livi's must-haves! 

FANNY PACK - TRIPPY FISH BLUE - This is such a handy item, I need to keep my phone, tissues, and sunglasses on me, and this piece fits everything in as well as being comfortable to wear while I skate.

Baseball Cap - I wear a baseball cap 99% of the time. It protects me from the sun and also keeps my hair out of the way while I’m skating.

Sunscreen - As I spend most of my time outside under the sun, it’s important to take care of my skin.

Speaker - I use my speakers when I’m teaching outside. Music plays a big part of skating culture.

Film Camera - I like to capture extra moments on film. 

Roller Skates - These are a relatively new pair of skates, as my other ones are all worn down. I still need to break them in, but I’ll get there slowly. Each one is designed differently, so it takes time to get used to a new pair, in terms of balance or the way your ankle is held. In total, I have three pairs I like to use regularly. There's one I decorated by hand and basically, it turned into a disco ball. I wear it to gigs and when I want that extra sparkle!

Skate Brake - This is a little softer than your usual brake, you can do different moves with it, so it's perfect for dancing.

Jam Plug - These help with making sure you don’t damage the skate plate and also allow you to go deeper while dancing.

Weekly Planner - We're constantly planning, brainstorming, and jotting down ideas so this weekly planner and my notebooks are pieces I like to keep close.

Passes - These are passes to my classes. 🙂

Water - We need all the water we can get, it's important to drink so we don't get dehydrated.

Now it's your turn Stephy!

FANNY PACK - BLUE - This bag is great for skating, it’s easy to use which is important as I create a lot of content while I skate. I usually sling it over my chest and keep my phone and airpods in it.

Speakers - For skaters, music is a necessity for practice, and it’s something I encourage — never leave your speaker or headphones at home. When I'm rolling around town, I usually have my headphones on if I'm by myself, but in a group, I’ll go with speakers. Listening to music while skating is a vibe.

Skate Jam Budapest Merch - This is from our latest, summer edition merch drop. We made crop tops for the first time and it’s part of a limited edition collection. It has our Skate Jump Budapest logo on it and the socks are also part of the collection, it’s a collaboration with the brand ZOKNI.

Glasses - These are from a vintage store, where we had a vintage skate fashion show a few months ago. The models were on roller skates and it was the first event of its kind in the city.

Band-aid - It's a good idea to have some band-aids and antiseptic liquid with you when you head out skating. It’s easy to get a scratch or two during practice, and we like to keep things safe.

Bikini Top - This funky bikini top is a representation of skate culture. It's important to embrace who you are and what you like, and part of that is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Roller Skates - This is a London-style, Bauer Hockey pair of skates. London has been a skating hub for years, and its skating culture didn’t stop after the 80s, like it did in Hungary. One segment of skate culture is street core, and they usually use Bauer hockey skates converted into roller skates. It’s the type I use for street skating, and to be specific, they’re great for backwards skating as well.

Roller Skate Wheels - These wheels are soft wheels suitable for outdoor skating. This particular type of wheel you can only get in London. I’m a fan of the smoky design. I actually have quite a few sets of wheels, about six or seven different sets.

T-Tool - This tool is an essential item for making the most basic adjustments, like tightening wheel or plate screws.

Fan - Sweating plays a major part in skating, you're working hard, so some fresh air, or at least the illusion of it feels nice.

Hairband - I change my hairstyle about three or four times per skate session. We sweat a lot, and hairbands are a godsend.

Coconut Water - I’m all about staying hydrated, and Coconut water supposedly does the trick.

photos by Botond Wertán 

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