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YKRA Faces our series where we round up the most brilliant, interesting, and influential Budapest-based creatives is back! This month's guest is Eszter Glaser animation production manager, founder of KOKOMO Ceramics and co-founder of Kirakós Budapest

Please tell us a bit about you and your work!

I work in the field of animation as a production manager. At one point I got fed up with always sitting in front of the computer and I decided to try something new. I joined a ceramics workshop because I was always interested in working with clay: it is something manual, and also a great opportunity to slow down and switch off my brain. So, Kokomo ceramics started out as a hobby. I have created so many objects that I could not store them at home anymore, so I started to promote them on Instagram, people really liked it, and wanted to buy these playful, colorful objects.

I’m very excited about the Japanese art of flower arrangement, so most of my designs are suitable for ikebana. I love to dry and preserve flowers, and with these ceramic objects I can give them significance again and it is also easier to store them this way. There is a huge collection of dried flowers from important people in my life, but soon I will create vases for fresh-cut flowers, and I am also planning to make lamps.

I have another side project called Kirakós Budapest with two friends. We make jigsaw puzzles with contemporary illustrations or photos. We wanted to create something unusual connected with art, which is not only an object but also provides an experience for our customers. Our mission is to celebrate the talented artists from Budapest.

I am also the creator of the Budapest Gardens Instagram page. I always try to sneak into interesting places, and it turns out that Budapest is full of hidden jungles.

What does a day of yours look like?

I get up around 6 a.m. and watch an episode of Friends. I have seen all of them a zillion times. It takes a particularly long time for me to get ready for the day. Nowadays I prefer to walk to work, and it takes 40 minutes one way, but I enjoy this long walk on the empty streets while listening to music. Crossing the Danube across the Erzsebet bridge, you can observe the migrating birds, they like to hang out there.

There are really cool people at the studio! We are currently working on an animated feature film about a Hungarian scientist called László Kozma. Usually, I am busy writing emails and contracts.

After work, I walk home, but in the evening I follow a different path: through the Chainbridge and the Castle district. When I get home, I try not to touch my phone and computer anymore. Usually, my fiance is cooking dinner, because he is a great chef, but I do the dishwashing. I only work three days a week, so on my days off, I work on my ceramics at home or at the workshop. I am crazy about old objects and treasure hunting, so these days I often visit my favorite second-hand stores and the best charity shops.

What is in your bag?

MUJI Markers - I prefer to write with a felt tip pen.

Notebook - I have to take notes in handwriting, otherwise, I forget everything. There is an YKRA KIDS sticker on it! 

Nail polish- These 3 are my favorites now.

YSL Elle - This my perfume.

Plant - I love water rooting plants, this is a gift from my friend Nadja Andrasev. There will be pink stripes on the leaves! 

Box of candles - These were produced in the 50s in the USA. I found them in a charity shop, and I always wonder about the story of these things. How did this end up in Hungary 80 years later? 

Mendl's cookie box - When Wes Anderson’s The Grand Hotel Budapest was premiered, there was a promotional campaign and I was the winner of this box from the film! 

Sweater - My favorite sweater by Kenzo

Box of sardines - This is a beautiful box, isn't it? I keep my cash in it!

Card game - I love to play but hate to lose. There is a game called the Dutch Pub, it is a good one because you only need to be lucky. 

Jigsaw puzzle - With KOKOMO pattern by Kirakós Budapest



Photos by Sára Petrák


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