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As most of us have been locked in at home for these past few weeks, naturally we have been dreaming of places where we would rather be, and adventures that we would like to go on once this is all over, whenever that will be. Planning a getaway can take our minds off of the current situation, and give us something to look forward to. We want to help keep your spirits up, and stay optimistic about the future, so we teamed up with our friends from BTS, a sport focused travel designer firm from Budapest who know the most about traveling differently. In our new series, FIND YOUR OWN PARADISE, they will be helping you get inspired and planning!


Finding truly unique and unspoiled places and experiences while traveling is getting hard these days.

A few examples what BTS believes takes you closer to paradise while on the road. Besides the motivation the below four key ingredients have to be perfect if you are looking for “the place to be”.


  • Accommodation
    • Avoid overcrowded tourist hot-spots, huge hotel chains, so you can actually get out of your regular surroundings.
    • Book a secluded boutique hotel far from the cities f or stay with the locals in the middle of the steppe, or find a tent camp in a flowering meadow 3000 meters high in the Himalayas.
  • Cuisine
    • When it comes to dining, we recommend to avoid buffets, tourist offers, instead try to find the places where the most locals  are dining or go for the local experiences and fresh produce like fresh seafood in San Blas, Panama, or home made kimchi in Japan.

  • Transportation
    • Forget cruise ships and tour buses. When getting from A to B, it’s better to look at ways the locals travel instead of hopping on a bus with tourists. Our favorite way of travelling is either with a campervan or an overnight train.
  • Experiences
    • Engage with the locals and make friends, this way you can open new doors and get the best experiences. Maybe one day they will visit you in your hometown!
    • Trying new activities can open new chapters in your life, you might even end up with a new hobby.

Paradise is a mindset, not a white sanded beach on a private island, it doesn’t have to look like an immaculate postcard. You will know when you get there. 

Thanks for the travel tips to our friends at BTS. Beyond the Standard is a sport focused travel designer firm, they have taken YKRA products to the most amazing destinations around the world in the last few years.

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